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Efat Reya



  • Efat Razowana Reya

  • Visual Artist

Concept: nature is our mother and we are part of nature. In Our daily life we are doing lot of things to destroy the nature because of our life style. In this collaboration performance we did a ritual to connect our body with nature. 


Efat Razowana Reya

Visual Artist

<p></p><p>Born in Bangladesh in,1990. from her childhood, she was attracted by art. Her journey was different from others. For a long period of her childhood, she grew up in a mental hospital or a relatives' house because of her mother’s mental health. At an early age, she lost her father. She left her city at the age of 18, to survive on the campus of Dhaka university she makes a distance with art and joined in student politics. In the year of 2013 after graduation she realized, she belongs to art, not politics. She started her new journey with art. In the Year 2015, she thought that she needs to explore her journey out of the country. She started traveling around Asian countries and try to find out cultural differences among countries. She started a new life in Kunming a city in China year in 2017. She holds a BFA in session 2012 and completed her MFA in printmaking in 2014 from the faculty of fine art, Dhaka University, Bangladesh. recently she finished her highest education in new media at Yunnan arts university, china. Her topic of research was participatory public art. She has inspired her to explore multidisciplinary art practices in a local and global context of modernity, postmodernity in terms of her own experience, place, history, and social phenomena, etc. She has explored several ways of expression through drawings, paintings, prints, photo manipulation, installations, performance, video art. During her academic period, she has participated in many group exhibitions, workshops, site-specific art projects.</p><p></p>